Article: Lady Gaga ‘takes daily meds’

Lady Gaga ‘takes daily meds’

We wonder why her fans are her “little monsters” and she “mother monster”?
Bullying is no way shape, form or fashion acceptable; even if you make millions of dollars off of the negative impact. How is someone as musically inclined as Lady Gaga, revered and all be depressed? No amount of money create positive self esteem. Being bullied has the victim parched for acceptance. The need to belong will lead some down a dark rabbit hole in this case, Gaga would be Alice. There are riddles disguised as hurdles in real life. We all have our own “mad hatter” to deal with. As I pointed out in my Love and Hip Hop post, it is how we deal with our hurdles that leads people to speculate. Positivity is going to stir the haters to hate and the righteous to say “well done.”

We are not in the public eye living out our growing pains however Lady Gaga have a legion of fans. Fans are spending money to be a part of her experience. Do it get any better? Do bullying have a better outcome than antidepressants? Is there happiness in what she does as an artist? I thought music for some was therapeutic. At any rate, I hope that Gaga find peace. I pray she find happiness in those who find it in her. To carry a burden for this long is pure sadness and loneliness.

If bullying is consuming your life speak up for yourself. The worst that could happen is a fight and trust me when I say no one escaped childhood, high school or college without a fight. If you are being harmed as a result of bullying, get your family involved. It will not make you seem weak or a snitch. The only feeble attempt to stop the abuse is no attempt.
Do not live in torment because from the looks of Lady Gaga’s life, it only gets worse. Bullying is mental abuse. Seek the advice of those who love you. Surround yourself with like minded individuals whether in academic clubs, extracurricular activities, and learn a couple of quick rebuttals in case you have to verbally defend yourself. It never hurt to have some snappy “come backs” handy. Don’t let anyone put their hands on you. Never put your hands on anyone. If you are forced to protect yourself be sure to defend yourself at all costs.

In a different direction, if you are a “bully” defined as extorting some one’s belongings with intimidation, using abusive language with intent to hurt, victimize, or assassinate a person’s character; to cause mental distress or severe social anxiety in a frightened peer. Reading those definitions, if you identify then read carefully: it is sad that you are hurt or do not have control over any aspect of your home life. To take your anger, frustration or problems out on some one who is not the root of your problem is disturbing. Your actions are not humorous the only reason anyone laughs is because they are glad you are not picking on them. I implore you to talk to a counselor about problems you are having at home or any other place. Happiness isn’t verbally assaulting your peers to tears. Everyone that is bullied do not make it to adulthood unscathed. There is the case of the Canadian teenage girl who recorded a chilling prelude to her suicide because of repeated abuse from her peer group. Maybe Lady Gaga is fortunate to survive bullying, for her to need medication is nothing to those who don’t survive bullying. Just because Lady Gaga is a successful artists doesn’t mean she’s cured from depression. Perhaps money allows her to steal a little bit of joy and delight.


The current demise of the youth with pseudo-hip-hop music is lacking role models, positive thinking, self-enrichment, and moral integrity.

I forgot my password for my old blog posts directing people to inexpensive ways to enter the music industry. I begin to realize many of the people reading the posts weren’t really trying to network or invest in their craft. I encountered various producers and disc jockeys that were only in the industry for the fame. I must say, if your goal is to be rich and famous then consider the hard work, sacrifices, and outcome of success.

I realized that most of today’s youth want the fast lifestyle of being famous. With a little fame there is money involved. The amount of money that comes with a little fame is debatable. I came from a time where hip-hop voiced the struggles of being stifled by political injustices, social outcasting, and impoverished environments. Gangster rap came when the world was quite hostile, rioting in Watts County, California spawned a more militant style of rap, and the gangsters became the town crier for impoverished neighborhoods. Somewhere around 2000-2004, the gangster became split into two categories: big time drug dealers and studio gangsters. For the sake of being famous, studio gangsters were designed by the lifestyle of real life gangsters (big time drug dealers, high level “enforcers”, and movie characters depicting hard knock lifestyles using any hustle to survive). The big time dealers were hustling out of survival as it has always been; since I was 9 years old visiting my grandma in the third zone of Atlanta.

I explained those two different lifestyle to provide the layout for the facts of how hip-hop has evolved into R.A.P; repeated assassination of principles.


I take MTO with a grain of salt, I mean its like a rummage sale at Marshalls and somewhere in that pile of uselessness you find something worth looking at. But do you buy it?

MTO is so hypocritical, flip flopping between Amber Rose can “do no wrong” to she’s a bad mother and she lives in dog sh*t heaven. Poor Sebastian is living in million dollar “squalor” which works in Wiz’s favor; after all he is going after custody. I can’t confirm if he wants full or joint custody.

As if the rumors are not enough, if she’s sleeping with basketball player James Harden, if she screwed around with lame ass Nick Cannon and/or if her son, “Bash,” really belongs to Wiz Khalifa and if that’s not enough all the shade Khloe Kardashian is throwing, complete with receipts. Amber has been firing back throwing memes that rocked the K clan. Amber has been hurling bombs then out of nowhere an ex-employee does a video dishing the dirt on you hitting Kanye up in a feeble plan to steal money from the rap artist.
I truly believe that this is Khloe attempt to tarnish Rose’s image along with Wiz fighting dirty to get custody of their son. Which Wiz could win because he has the finances to provide for their son until he turns 18 years of age. Then again, Wiz isn’t stable either so I am praying for the mental health of that little boy. I hope God covers him from the needless arguments.

Click the link above to hear what the publicist had to say…


Is This 12+ Year Rumor Now Confirmed?! Jay-Z Has A First Born Son?

There have always been speculation that about 12 years ago, multimillion dollar mogul, Jay-Z had a son with a woman he had been seeing regularly. I believe this is the same woman Jay-Z slapped and pummeled backstage at his concert. A video floated around YouTube that had a young Sean Carter pummeling a female backstage. The pics provided by the link above may/may not be his actual son. The rumor mill has resurfaced with Blue Ivy having an older brother. Welp!


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Bambaata. Bridging the gap in the way Afrikaan Bambaata did for rhythm in hip-hop. Million Bambaata is changing the rhythm and vibe to positivity and truth. One million people I come in contact with, family and alleged “friends” and associates will get the first payment in the form of reality. Honesty may/may not hurt your feelings but I could never really love someone that is not progressive.
“Never Be Sensitive In An Insensitive World” – quote Unknown
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